ISDT Air8 Smart LiPo Balance Charger 500W DC + BattAir x2


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The ISDT Air8 charger is the updated replacement for the popular ISDT Q8 charger. Air8 is a single channel smart balance battery charger. It supports up to 500 Watts of power with DC Input. It can support charging current of up to 20A per channel.

It comes with 2 BattAir plugins BAP4 and BAP6.

NOTE: You will an need External DC power supply for this charger.


  • Supports 152 National and Regional Languages
  • Supports BattAir Smart battery to automatically identify the battery type, match the optimal charging parameters.
  • Connect to ISDLink In APP for OTA upgrade, preset charging tasks, monitor the charging process at any time.
  • Air8 support 1~8S Life, Lilon, Lipo, ULiHv batteries, even includes the ULiHv battery with 4.45V/cell. nd it also support 1~12S Pb battery and 1~16S NiMH/Cd battery.
  • Fool-proof input interface design
  • Light weight


Input voltage: DC 10~34V
Output voltage: DC 1~35V
Max. input current: DC 20A
Charging current: 0.1~20A
Discharging current: 0.1~1.5A
Balance current: 1.5A/Cell Max
Max. discharging power: 15W
Max. charging power: DC 500W
Abnormal voltage alarm: Supported
Supported battery types and cell count: LiFe, Lilon, LiPo, LiHv, ULiHV 1-8S ; Pb 1-12S, NiMH/Cd 1-16S
Dimension: 80x80x34mm
Weight: About 169g


  • 1x ISDT Air8 charger
  • 1x BAP4 (3-4S) Battair plugin
  • 1x BAP6 (5-6S) Battair plugin



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