OMPHobby M1 M2 RTF User Guide (Boxer)

(S-FHSS/DSM/OMP protocol)

Thank you for choosing OriginHobbies to be your dealer for OMPHobby and Radiomaster products. We have carefully prepared the RTF model configuration for you so you can start flying your helicopter as easily as possible. We still recommend that you carefully read this guide so that you are confident to make your first flight. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes!

Batteries (setup and care):

Your Boxer Radio Transmitter is delivered with the LiPo battery unplugged for safety during transportation. Open the battery case at the rear and connect the LiPo connector to the Radio Transmitter. Close the battery case. Please charge the Radio Transmitter to 100% before first use.

The Boxer Radio Transmitter has 2 USB ports.

  • The USB port at the top is a data port for connecting to computer. (Simulator mode [HID] or Data transfer mode [Mass storage])
  • The USB port at the bottom is a charging port for charging the Radio Transmitter battery.

For faster charging you can also charge the battery using an external balance charger. Please disconnect the battery from Radio transmitter if using an external charger.

Battery care tips:

  • The Helicopter LiPo batteries are shipped at storage charge (50%). Please fully charge the helicopter battery before any flight. It is recommended to use a balance charger at 1C (max 2C).
  • Avoid quick charge programs. They will cause the cells to go out of balance with time.
  • Don’t leave battery charging process unattended. There is always risk of heating and fire so you must be present nearby to take proper action if that happens.
  • Always use a flight timer depending on your flying style and ensure that battery is never discharged less than 25% capacity. (about 3.73V per cell)
  • When not in use for prolonged periods, charge all LiPo batteries to storage charge (50% charge or 3.86V per cell).
  • Following these simple rules will ensure your batteries are in good health and you can have many flights with them.

Radio Switch Assignment:

Boxer switch layout
Boxer Switch assignment

Switch position guide: ↑ (away from you), – (middle), ↓ (towards you)

Throttle hold fail-safeSE (Throttle cut disabled, ↓Throttle cut)
Throttle hold switchSD (↑Throttle cut disabled, ↓Throttle cut)
Flight mode switchSB (↑Normal, -Idleup1, ↓Idleup2)
Rescue switchSF (↑Normal, ↓Rescue)
Stability mode switchSA (↑Self-level OFF, -Self-level ON, ↓Self-level ON)
Volume controlS2 Knob
Brightness controlS1 Knob
Boxer Switch functions

Flight timer: 4.5 mins, Haptic countdown at 10 seconds

Start up procedure:

  1. Make sure all switches are in home position. Away from you.
  2. Turn on the Radio.
  3. Once Radio is turned on, Engage Throttle hold fail-safe switch (SF) and Throttle hold switch (SD).
  4. Ensure that correct model is chosen on screen depending on what helicopter you want to fly.
    NOTE: There is no model matching feature so it will still bind with the helicopter even if you choose the wrong model. Please double check that the chosen model on the Radio Transmitter is same as the model you want to fly.
  5. To change the model, press and hold “Menu Wheel” button. Choose “Model Select”. Highlight the required model you want and press & hold the “Menu Wheel” button. Choose “Select Model”.
  6. Place the Helicopter on a level surface and plug in the battery to the Helicopter. Wait for gyro calibration to complete. It will indicate with beeps and twitching servos.
  7. Move Aileron, Elevator and Collective Pitch sticks on Radio and check if servos are moving in right order and direction.
  8. Fix the canopy on Helicopter.
  9. Ensure that Flight mode switch (SB) is in Normal-mode position. (Lowest position or Farthest away from you)
  10. Disengage Throttle Hold fail-safe switch (SE).
    NOTE:Rotor will not start yet as Throttle Hold switch is still disengaged.
  11. Bring Collective pitch stick to Full negative.
  12. Disengage Throttle Hold switch (SD). Helicopter rotor will not yet start as throttle is zero in Normal mode full negative collective pitch.
  13. Increase Collective pitch(throttle) stick to near center. Wait for RPM to reach at constant level. Now you can take off and fly the helicopter.

Flying the Helicopter (tips):

  • Never fly near people or animal or objects as it increases the chances of crash and injury.
  • Always practice on the simulator till you are 100% confident and only then try it on the model helicopter. Don’t try new maneuvers first on the model helicopter as it increases chances of a crash.
  • Always keep a finger ready on throttle hold switch to engage it just before a crash to minimize crash damage.
  • If you loose orientation you can make use of rescue mode to self level and climb up. I would suggest to avoid depending on this mode. Simulator practice is the best investment you can make in this hobby.

Landing Procedure:

  1. Put helicopter in Normal mode for lowest RPM. Flight mode switch (SB) away from you.
  2. Gently bring the helicopter to the landing spot and close to the ground. Choose a level surface with no nearby obstacles for the landing spot.
  3. Once the helicopter is a few centimeters from the ground, reduce throttle stick to zero or engage the throttle hold switch (SD). Helicopter should land softly on the ground.

Flight Timer Reset:

You can quickly reset the flight timer by engaging both Throttle hold switch(SD) and Throttle hold fail-safe switch (SE). Reset the flight timer only after replacing the battery on the model with a fully charged one.

Stability mode:

In Stability mode the helicopter tries to self level itself so it is much easier to hover in this mode.

Self level mode can be entered by switch SA towards you. Red LED on Helicopter FBL controller will be steady in this mode. You cannot perform flips/rolls or inverted flight in this mode.

As a beginner you may start with self level mode but it is not recommended to practice in this mode as you will not develop correct hovering skills and forward flight skills.

Switch SA away from you will disable Stability mode and enable 3D mode. Red LED on Helicopter FBL controller will be flashing. We recommend that you always fly in this mode.

Rescue mode:

Rescue mode is used to get the helicopter to right side up and self level orientation and then fly upwards as soon as possible.

NOTE: Rescue mode should not be used indoors or if any obstacles are above the helicopter as the helicopter will self level and keep climbing up as long as rescue switch is held.

If any questions feel free to contact me at

Happy Flying!

Boxer OpenTX/EdgeTX Configuration

The Boxer configuration is explained in detail in the following page.

Feel free to adjust Throttle curves and Collective Pitch to your liking. Maximum collective pitch needs to be changed in the Helicopters Flybarless Controller configuration.