Mikado Logo 200 vs OMPHobby M2 parts compatibility reference

Both are great Helicopters and come from the same factory. Below table shows parts that are compatible to both helicopters.

Logo 200 part nameLogo 200 part numberM2 part numberM2 part nameNotes
Rotor Head YokeMIK 05400OSHM2001 + OSHM2006Metal main rotor housing set + Brake disc set
Main Blade Holder with bearingsMIK 05401OSHM2003Main rotor holder set
Blade Bolts with WashersMIK 05402OSHM2004Main rotor Holder screw groupM2 part# gives one set, Logo 200 part# gives 2 sets
Blade Grip Pitch Links with BearingsMIK 05403OSHM2008 + OSHM2047 + OSHM2044FBL Pros and Cons linkage rod (4pcs) + Flanged Bearing set(MF52ZZ) (4pcs) + full set washesM2 part# doesn’t contain 2 bolts M2x10mm-L2.5
Shaft Kit (Main + Spindle)MIK 05404OSHM2002 + OSHM2011 + OSHM2010Feathering shaft set (2Pcs) + ɸ4 main Shaft set (2pcs) + Main shaft hold base (1Pcs)M2 part# gives you 2 sets, Logo 200 part# gives one set
Rotor Head Refurbish KitMIK 05405OSHM2047 + OSHM2005 + OSHM2048 + OSHM2044 + OSHM2045Flanged Bearing set(MF52ZZ) (4pcs) + Thrust Bearing + Ball Bearing MR63ZZ + full set washes + Damper Rubber (10pcs)
SwashplateMIK 05407OSHM2009Swashplate set
Battery Plate Set (with Velcro and Strap) x 2MIK 05409OSHM2028 + OSHM2029 + OSHM2053Battery panel set + battery strap set + Battery magic tapeM2 part# gives you 3 sets. Logo 200 part# gives 2 sets
Bearing Block Set + Frame SpacersMIK 05410OSHM2017 + OSHM2023 + OSHM2084 + OSHM2095 + OSHM2117Coaxiality mount + CF middle frame + servo mount set + frame widening mount set + main motor mount setM2 part# doesn’t contain 4 bolts M1.6x4mm
Canopy Holders + Canopy GrommetsMIK 05411OSHM2115 + OSHM2058Canopy fixed bolt set + Canopy rubber ring setM2 part# gives 2 canopy holders and 4 grommets, Logo 200 part# gives 4 canopy holders and 4 grommets
Main Shaft Bearing (4x9x4)MIK 05416OSHM2049Ball Bearing MR684ZZ
Motor + ShaftMIK 05417OSHM2105Main Motor set – Black
Servo Arm + Linkage Set x 3MIK 05418OSHM2014 + OSHM2059 + OSHM2070Servo Linkage Rod set (6pcs) + Servo Swing Arm (6pcs) + Ball Joint setM2 part# gives 2 sets, Logo 200 part# gives 1 set
Servo SetMIK 05419OSHM2122Servo set – Red and SilverDifferent connector. Servo color might be different
Tail Boom MountMIK 05420OSHM2085Tail Boom Mount set
Anti Rotation Bracket Replacement KitMIK 05422OSHM2083Phase Panel set
Tail Boom x 2MIK 05425OSHM2096Tail Boom Set
Tail Fin x 2MIK 05426OSHM2097Vertical Stabilizer setSlightly different shape but should fit
Tail Motor Mounting SetMIK 05427OSHM2098 + OSHM2099Tail Boom Inner Mount set + Tail Motor Reinforcement Plate set
Tail MotorMIK 05428OSHM2104Tail Motor set-Black
Tail Prop x 2MIK 05429OSHM2038Tail Blade set-Black (4pcs)M2 part# comes with 4 blades, Logo 200 part# comes with 2 blades
Mikado LOGO 200 Battery Lipo 11,1V 3S-650mAhMIK 05430OSHM2030Lithium Battery set Lipo 3S 650mah 45C
Mikado LOGO 200 Battery Lipo 11,1V 3S-700mAhMIK 05441GEA7003S60X3Lithium Battery set Lipo 3S 7000mah 60C