OMP Hobby M7 swash plate leveling tool


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OMPHobby M7 swash leveling tool has been specially designed and printed by OriginHobbies to make it very easy for you to level the swash plate of your M7 helicopter. No need to remove the head and links. It allows you to have a level swash plate and zero pitch when setting the SERVO center in the Flybarless controller settings.

Usage instructions

  • Go to SERVO setting in the Flybarless controller.
  • Increase the height of the swash plate by giving positive collective input so swash leveling tool can fit under the swash plate.
  • Slide the swash leveling tool below the swash plate from the front of the helicopter. Make sure it is sitting flat on the bearing block
  • Bring collective pitch back to center. Adjust servo trim in flybarless controller to have 90 degrees servo arms. Adjust servo links length so that swash plate is sitting perfectly on the swash plate leveling tool. Notice that the swash washout arms are leveled out. (green line in picture). This will ensure that you have symmetric positive and negative collective pitch.

    M7 swash plate leveling process
    M7 swash plate leveling process
  • Adjust blade links so that blade pitch is zero. You can do that by folding the blades to be perpendicular to the blade grips and making sure that both blade edges are parallel to each other when viewing from the side. See below picture.
  • IMPORTANT: Move the collective pitch stick to positive before coming out of the SERVO setting so the swash plate does not press excessively on the swash leveling tool and damage the servos.
  • Remove the swash leveling tool from the front.
  • Save FBL controller settings.
  • Congratulations! You now have a perfectly level swash plate 🙂


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