Futaba 18SZ Radio Setup for OMPHobby M2 / M1

This guide will show you how to setup your Futaba T18SZ for your OMPHobby M2 Helicopter. You can use it to setup other Futaba Radios as well. You can also use it for OMPHobby M1 Helicopter but you will just need to adjust Throttle curves.

NOTE: Older Futaba radios (e.g. T8FG) do not support S-FHSS protocol. If you have such a radio you will need to use a FASST receiver module instead of S-FHSS receiver.


  • Ensure batteries of your Helicopter and Transmitter are sufficiently charged
  • Connect the S-FHSS receiver to SBUS port of the Helicopter. For OMPHobby M1 (S-FHSS version), you don’t need to connect any receiver.

Setup New Model

Create a new model on the Futaba radio and change the system type to S-FHSS.

Throttle Cut

At the Throttle Hold sub-menu please activate the “Throttle Cut” function to prevent from unwanted motor starts while setup or initialization process. Add the Throttle Cut to any switch of your choice. Go at your Servo monitor and check if your selected switch works correctly.

Flight Contitions

At first check out the Condition select sub-menu. If Flight condition Idleup 3 exists, just remove it as we don’t need it. Check that we have the following Flight Conditions.

  • Normal
  • Idleup 1
  • Idleup 2
  • Hold

Throttle Curves

Setup the throttle curves for each Flight condition as shown in the pictures below.

Throttle curve – Normal
Futaba T18SZ Throttle curve Idleup 1
Throttle curve – Idleup 1
Futaba T18SZ Throttle curve Idleup 2
Throttle curve – Idleup 2

Gyro channel (auto-level on/off)

The Gyro channel (CH5) controls the auto-level on/off on the helicopter. Only Gyro(RUD) setting needs to be setup. Gyro2(AIL) ja Gyro3(ELE) need to be inhibited.

Please set Gyro (RUD) according to below table

Gyro (RUD)Gyro mode
Normal (50)3D
AVCS (50)Stability on (auto-level)
Gyro setting


  • Turn on the Radio Transmitter and ensure Throttle cut is engaged.
  • Remove the Main rotor blades and tail blades to be safe if helicopter motor accidentally starts due to incorrect setup.
  • Turn on the Helicopter and follow the binding procedure as per your Radio Transmitter and Receiver manual.
  • Once binding is complete moving the elevator and aileron controls should move the swash plate accordingly.