OMPHobby S720 RTF RC flyvemaskine 718mm

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OMPHobby S720 RTF RC Airplane is a great Ready To Fly park-flier airplane for all skills. The electronic flight stabilizer makes it easy to fly for beginners in normal mode. It can also be switched to acrobatic flight mode for more advanced pilots.

A 4 channel Radio Transmitter is included but you can also connect a DSM Satellite eller SBUS receiver to the airplane so you can fly using your favorite Radio system.


  • Highly effective aerodynamic design bringing excellent aerobatic performance.
  • Concealed servo design makes the aircraft clean and neat.
  • Integrated OFS (OMP Flight System), an enhanced electronic flight stabilizer, can be switched between normal and aerobatic flight modes.
  • 4 channel radio included. Dedicated switch for different flight modes.
  • High performance SunnySky brushless motor and EOLO propeller.
  • Modular parts for easy assembly.
  • Frame is made of high strength EPO.


  • Aircraft type: Aerobatic
  • Wing span: 718mm
  • Length: 560mm
  • Height: 168mm
  • Vægt: 140g approximate
  • Brushless Motor: SunnySky 1406 KV2500
  • Propeller: EOLO 5.5 inch
  • Batteri: 2S 7.4V 300mAh LiPo
  • Flyvekontroller: Integrated OFS
  • Flight time: approximately 10 minutes depending on flight style.
  • Radio range: 200m (600 feet) approximate


2 anmeldelser af OMPHobby S720 RTF RC Airplane 718mm

  1. Paul Kearns (verificeret ejer) -

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    Great plane fun to fly

  2. Nikos Apostolos Papadatos (verificeret ejer) -

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    Very good small airplane

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