M2 V2 / EXP / EVO Flight Controller settings

The below guide will show you how to configure the M2 Flight controller.

M2 Flight controller

WARNING: Before changing any Flight controller settings ensure that the Helicopter is bound to the radio and throttle cut is active. It is recommended to remove the main and tail rotor blades to prevent any injury if the motors accidentally start up.

The Flight controller is configured with a combination of SET button presses and Radio controller stick movements.

LED indicator

The Flight controller has 2 color LED to indicate Receiver status and Stability mode status

M2 Flight controller LED indicator
LEDSteadySlow BlinkingFast Blinking
BlåReceiver bind OKReceiver bind not OKBinding mode
RødStability mode ONStability mode OFF / 3D modeInitializing
LED indicator status

Setup mode

Radio Transmitter setup:

Please setup your radio transmitter and bind it to the model. You can refer to our Radio Setup guides.

Before entering setup mode:

  • Power on the Radio transmitter.
  • Engage throttle cut and Disable stability mode (i.e. enable 3D mode)
  • Plug battery into the Helicopter
  • After binding is complete ensure that Blue LED is solid (receiver bind OK) and Red LED is blinking. (3D mode active)

Entering Setup Mode

To enter the SETUP mode press and hold the SET button with a small hex key for 3 seconds. You will know when SETUP mode is entered when the RUDD LED (White) is solid and SPEED LED (blue) is blinking.

Rudder-Speed parameter setting

Changing the current Parameter level

The White LED indicates what Parameter we are setting (RUDDER, ELEVATOR or AILERON).

The Blue LED indicates the level of the setting by number of blinks. The level of each setting can be set from 1 (Lowest level) to 9 (Highest Level).

To increase the setting by one level, push up the Elevator stick once. To decrease the setting by one level, pull down the Elevator stick once.

Switching to the next Parameter Setting

To switch to the next parameter setting, press the SET button once. You will see from below picture that the next Parameter is RUDD-GYRO.

NOTE: There is no RUDD-AGILE setting.

Heckrotor-Kreisel Einstellung

Parameter Explanation

SPEED: This controls the maximum rotation rate (SPEED). You can set SPEED for Rudder, Elevator and Aileron axes.

AGILE: This controls the Agility. How quickly the helicopter reacts to change in stick input. You can set AGILITY for Elevator and Aileron axes.

GYRO: This controls the Gyro Gain. You can set GYRO gain for Rudder, Elevator and Aileron axes.

All Parameter Settings

The Table below shows all the parameters that can be configured on the Flight controller. The Suggested value is a good starting point. You can then adjust the Speed parameter to achieve the desired Yaw, Pitch and Roll rates.

ParameterSettingSetting rangeM2 V2/EXP
Suggested Value
Suggested Value
ServoSwash level trim
PitchCollective Pitch range
All parameter settings

Servo: Servo trim setting (Swash plate leveling)

Das Augenmerk dieser Einstellung liegt darin die Taumelscheibe in ihre perfekte Neutralposition zu bekommen in allen Steuerbereichen des Hauptrotors. Im Idealfall verwenden Sie dazu eine Taumelscheiben Einstelllehre. Wenn Sie auf dem oben beschriebenen Weg bei der SERVO Einstellung angekommen sind, können Sie mit den Hebelbewegungen für den Heckrotor, Rollen und Nicken die einzelnen Servopositionen einstellen bis die Taumelscheibe mit ganz leichter Vorspannung auf der Einstelllehre aufliegt. So ist die Taumelscheibe in allen Achsen auf Position.

Servo trim and swash plate leveling M2 Helicopter
Servo trim + Swash level + zero collective pitch
ServoTrim control
LeftAileron stick
RightTail stick
RearElevator stick
Servo trim adjustment

Pitch: Collective pitch range setting

There are separate settings for full positive and full negative pitch.

First give full positive collective pitch. Adjust the maximum positive collector pitch setting using the Elevator stick.

Next give full negative collective pitch. Adjust the maximum negative collector pitch setting using the Elevator stick.

Collective pitchM2 v2/EXP
Blade gap / Angle
Blade gap / Angle
Full Positive77.8mm /+13.0° □
74.9mm /+12.5° □
71.9mm /+12.0° □
85.5mm /+13.0° □
82.2mm /+12.5° □
79.0mm /+12.0° □
Full Negative77.8mm /-13.0° □
74.9mm /-12.5° □
71.9mm /-12.0° □
85.5mm /-13.0° □
82.2mm /-12.5° □
79.0mm /-12.0° □
Collective pitch setting

Please see below video on how to measure collective pitch using a Ruler and blade gap.

Saving the Settings & Exiting Setup Mode

The Settings are saved when Exiting the Setup mode.
NOTE: If you disconnect the battery without Exiting Setup mode then the settings will not be saved.

To Exit Setup mode, press and hold the SET button with a hex key for 3 seconds. You will know when Setup mode has exited when all 3 WHITE LEDs (RUDD, ELEV, AIL) are OFF.

Stability mode trim flight

WARNING: Even if you set the SERVO setting correctly with level swash plate in the Flight controller settings in 3D mode it will not necessarily be level in Stability mode. You can verify this on the bench by toggling between stability mode ON and off and observing the swash plate.

The Stability mode has different trim settings which can only be set correctly by doing a trim flight. You cannot set the stability mode trim on the bench.

Please follow the below instructions carefully to get the Stability mode trim right.

  1. Ensure that you are in a sufficiently large hall. It is very dangerous to do a trim flight in a small room. It is very difficult to do a trim flight outside due to wind. If it is a calm day you could do a trim flight outside as well.
  2. Once powered ON, turn ON Stability mode on the ground. Verify that Red LED is steady.
  3. Pull back Elevator stick for a few seconds till Red LED starts blinking. Now Helicopter is in Trim Learning mode. Observe the Swash plate. If it is too much tilted in one direction be prepared to correct that as helicopter will take off in that direction.
  4. Take off the helicopter and try to hover it at one place. The goal is to get it hovering at one place with as minimum stick in put as possible for a few seconds. When you are able to do this, immediately land the helicopter without giving any more aileron, elevator or rudder inputs.
  5. Once on the ground and throttle is cut, save the trim settings by pulling back the Elevator stick for a few seconds till the Red LED is steady.
  6. To verify, first take off the helicopter with Stability mode OFF and hover at one place. Turn ON Stability mode while hovering and check that the helicopter is staying at the same place.

NOTE: A little bit drift is OK. Do not spend too much time to get Stability mode perfect. Instead, spend more time in practice your hovering skills.

Please follow the below video from OMPHobby to set the Stability mode level trim.